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Engineered for dancers, perfect for brides!

Discover the secret that dancers know: Argentine Tango shoes are the most comfortable in the world.


Shoes from Amy's are the perfect choice for weddings and special occasions. You don't have to be a dancer to enjoy them! They combine unique style, exquisite workmanship, amazing comfort and are so stable you'll happily be on your feet for hours.


Choices, choices...

In a hurry for a pair of gorgeous ready to wear shoes? Hop straight over to the Wedding/Party category in the shop for picks of the collection, in stock and ready to ship.


Little more time? Treat yourself to a shoe consultation and we'll work with you to find the shoes of your dreams. Choose from limited edition beauties from Turquoise, custom made to fit from Mr Tango Shoes and a huge variety of ready-to-order from Very Fine.


Need shoes for your maids, flower girls, page boys and guys? All three brands offer great options for adults and Very Fine has shoes for boys and girls. We can source ready to wear or custom, matching to any particular colour you're trying to find.


How it works

It starts by discussing with Amy what you're looking for and taking measurements. If we meet in person you can also try current styles to determine your size, view colour swatches and get a feel for the possibilities. If we chat over the phone or by email I'll send you easy to follow instructions on measuring your feet. Armed with all that info, I come up with recommendations for ready to wear or custom styles to fit your needs, desires and budget.


How to get your shoes in time

I recommend sourcing your shoes as soon as you have your dress, in case any adjustments need to be made to the length of the dress or you need a particular shoe height. If you need to colour match, a swatch of your dress may also be important.

  • If you're ordering ready to wear from the shop, choose Next Day shipping for fast delivery or allow up to 2 weeks if choosing standard shipping.

  • If we order ready to wear shoes from Turquoise, you'll need to allow 2 weeks for them to arrive, 3 to be on the safe side. Shoes from Very Fine take up to 4 weeks, with custom versions taking up to 2 months.

  • Custom shoes from Mr Tango Shoes take 6-7 weeks or 3-4 weeks if you choose a rush order.



Contact me to book a consultation or send me any questions.


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What my customers say

"I just want to say your shoes are truly amazing. I was on my feet all of yesterday and the balls of my feet, that are usually bruised and painful after a couple of hours, felt totally fine. These really are in a class of their own. No more carrying emergency flats for me! Massive thank you!"

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Style M11 by Turquoise

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