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Very Fine Sneakers

We source our popular, lightweight dance sneakers from Very Fine in the USA. There are a range of styles and colours available with either suede soles or split PU soles. Some models have spin spots on the forefoot of the sole. They all have good insole padding, with the raised models such as SN002 offering the most through to the second-skin feel of style SN016.


To see what's available, go to the Very Fine website to browse the whole collection. There are also several sneaker styles in the mens Salsero collection, and four variations of a slip-on sneaker style for women in the Salsera collection.


How to order

Contact Amy's with the style and size you wish to order. We will verify they are available and get them reserved for you. The shoes will be shipped on receipt of your payment. Delivery is usually within 2 weeks.


Payments are due in full or two installments, whichever you prefer. UK delivery is not included and may be added at checkout or you can collect in person.



  • All sneakers with style name VFS or VFSN are £69

  • Salsero BBX styles are £87

  • Salsera slip-ons are £71

  • Brushes and other accessories can be included with any Very Fine shoe order


Custom order discounts

Discounts are available on orders of 3 or more pairs - see the FAQs page for details.


What is included in the price?

The above prices include the shoes, shipping from the US and customs fees. Your choice of delivery may be added at checkout and starts at £3.95.


We regularly review our prices to ensure they reflect the current exchange rate appropriately. Prices may go up or down accordingly. They are always competitively set against what you would pay if you ordered directly from Very Fine (including the shipping, overseas purchase transaction fee and customs fees), so you save by ordering through Amy's.


What I don't like them?

Custom orders cannot be returned as they are ordered especially for you. This is why we make a great effort to get all the details right with you before ordering, to avoid any problems down the line. Although returns are not possible, custom orders can be exchanged for any other pair currently in stock in the Amy's collection. If there is a difference in price, a credit note valid for one year will be issued for the difference.

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