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Not sure which size you need? Follow the steps below to figure out which size to choose.


1. Start with your usual shoe size. If you've not worn dance shoes before you may need to go down half a size from your usual size. They are intended to be a snug fit. If you already have dance shoes, you will probably need the same size, unless you're picking a very different style from what you currently wear.


2. You can then fine tune your choices in the shop by measuring your existing shoes. Pick a pair you currently wear to dance in, or something similar like a heeled sandal for women or a formal shoe for men. With a tape measure check the length in centimetres of the insole and the width on the outsole at the widest point. If it's tricky to get the tape inside the shoe, measure the outsole instead and subtract 5mm. With this information, have a look on the product page for the shoes you like and check your measurements against the dimensions listed.


3. Still not sure? Worried you have odd sized feet? To really narrow it down you can measure your feet. Hop over to this page to see how to do it. When you've got your measurements, have a look again at the shoes you like. You're looking for an insole length that matches or exceeds your foot length by a few millimetres.


Here's an example:

1. Your usual size in dance shoes is a womens UK 5. You can go straight to this page to see shoes in a 5.

2. There's quite a few to choose from so you fine tune it by measuring your current dance shoes. The insole is 24.7cm and the width across the ball of the foot on the bottom is 8cm. You've always found them a bit roomy and think you could go smaller. The length rules out a couple of pairs that are too long but adds in some in a size 4.5 that you thought would be too small.

3. Still not sure which to choose, you follow the instructions to measure your feet. In itself this is an interesting process - your feet look funny on paper and one is definitely longer than the other! It looks like you need a length of about 24.4cm. That reduces the options to four pairs, leaving the choice down to colour and style.

Size Guides

How the different brands and styles compare

Mr Tango Shoes and Very Fine use US sizes and Turquoise use European sizes. Conversions to UK are given in the tables below. Turquoise usually fit half a size bigger than marked, especially for open heeled styles. Sizes in the table below and in the shop reflect this (i.e. a shoe labelled 37 which is usually a UK 4 will actually fit more like 37.5 so is labelled UK 4.5 in the shop). Some styles in all three brands fit bigger or smaller than marked. For example, Very FIne style 1620 is long in the toe. Be sure to read the item description for details!


For women, open heeled styles usually fit true to size or big and you may need to go down half a size. Closed heel designs usually fit true to size or small and you may need to go up half a size. Do bear in mind heel height as well. Women tend to need a bigger size the lower the heel. You can read more about heel heights here.


For men, most styles fit true to size. For both women and men, some sneakers fit small and you may want to go up half a size. These are noted in the item description in the shop. Some very big and very small sizes are only available as a custom order or a sneaker. These are noted in the charts below.

Size charts

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