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This website ("the Website") is run by Amy’s ("we" and "us"). We are committed to protecting your privacy. We take seriously the handling and use of your information and abide by the Data Protection Act and General Data Protection Regulation.


This policy explains how we collect, process and hold your personal information if you make a purchase from us, place a custom order, subscribe to our communications or otherwise provide personal information. This policy is governed by English law.


This policy was last updated on 24th May 2018.


Data Controller

Amy's is the data controller and responsible for the handling of your personal data (referred to as "we" and "us") and this website ("the website"). We can be contacted at and by phone on +44 (0)1737 668252.


Third-party links outside our control

This website includes links to other websites. We do not control these third-party websites and are not responsible for their privacy statements. Clicking on links to these websites may allow third parties to collect data about you. We advise you to check the privacy policies of other websites you visit.


The processing of your personal data

We process your information in order to fulfill orders, provide estimations for custom orders and fulfill those orders, respond to enquiries, resolve any problems and send issues of our enewsletter.


The lawful bases we use

We use two lawful bases for processing personal data:

  • Consent - we use this basis to send issues of our enewsletter to its subscribers.

  • Contract - we use this basis to fulfill orders and provide estimations for custom orders.


The data we hold and what we do with it

Enewsletter subscribers

You may subscribe to our enewsletter via our website, via a link on our Facebook page, or by giving verbal consent to be added to the subscriber list. The date of your consent, your email address and, if given, first and last name, are stored securely by Mailchimp and used solely for the purpose of sending you issues of the newsletter (currently on a quarterly basis) and one annual sale announcement. Once you have received at least one issue of the newsletter, Mailchimp stores metrics on what issues you open and click. We use this information to inform the content and structure of future emails. Mailchimp also stores information on the email client you use to read our emails, your general geographic location and your preferred language, but we do not use this information for any purpose. We do not export any of your information from Mailchimp or share it with any other party.


Customers who place orders

Orders are purchases of items via our website, via email, phone, SMS, WhatsApp communication, Messenger communication or in person, resulting in a payment for items or payment of a deposit towards a custom order. Payment may be taken by card through PayPal, by PayPal account, bank transfer or cash.


When you purchase through this website your name, address, email address, phone number if given and details of items ordered, are stored securely by PayPal. We are notified of your purchase and enter your name, email address and items ordered into our customer database. We use your email address for the purposes of confirming the shipment of your order, resolving any queries about your order and fulfilling returns and exchanges. Payment information, including card number, is not accessible by us. Payments completed using PayPal are bound by the PayPal Privacy Policy.


If your purchase was through a channel other than this website and your order is to be sent to you we store your name, address, email address and items ordered in our customer database. For in-person purchases we only store your name if you choose to give it, otherwise the order information is anonymised.


For custom orders of Mr Tango Shoes your first name and order details (including shoe size and/or foot measurements) are emailed to Mr Tango Shoes for the purpose of making and identifying your order.


To send orders to you, we enter your name and address into a secure Royal Mail website to generate shipping labels and postage. Once we have confirmed that the order has reached you (either by your confirmation or checking the Royal Mail parcel tracking tool), we delete your information from the Click and Drop system. If we entered your address in our database because your order was placed outside our website, we delete your address unless you are a repeat customer who specifically asks us to store your address for ease of fulfilment of future orders.


From the order information we store we are able to examine our data for popular shoe sizes, styles, colours and other product features. This information is never shared with other parties.


Customers who request estimates

In the case of custom orders, during an enquiry we store your name, a method of contacting you (dependent on how you contacted us it may be email address, phone number or nothing if the contact was via social media), and details of what you are seeking. If an enquiry leads to an item being purchased or a custom order being placed, your information is processed as described above under "Customers who place orders". If an enquiry does not lead to a purchase, we do one of the following: if you have asked to be informed when a desired item is in stock we keep your information for the sole purpose of fulfilling this request; if you have no further interest we delete your information along with any relevant emails, text messages, voicemails, WhatsApp and Messenger messages.


The systems we use

As noted above, your personal data may be stored in the following places:

  • In our Mailchimp subscriber list.

  • In our customer database. We use a database programme provided by Citrix and hosted on servers in Ireland. It is protected by encryption and firewalls between the database and us.

  • In our PayPal account.

  • In Royal Mail's Business Click and Drop service.

  • In our WhatsApp and Messenger accounts if you contact us in this way.

  • In our business email accounts which are provided securely by a leading UK domain and email host.


The retention of data

We only keep your information as long as necessary:

  • We routinely delete information from our customer database as soon as it is no longer relevant.

  • If you unsubscribe from our enewsletters or your address is bounced, your email address is kept by Mailchimp so that communications cannot be sent to it again. We regularly screen our Mailchimp data and delete any subscribers who have become inactive (not opened/clicked a newsletter within the past 1 year).

  • PayPal stores data for the lifetime of our account and we are not allowed to delete the information.

  • Data entered in the Royal Mail's Business Click and Drop service is kept until we have confirmed that your order has reached you. We then submit a delete request to Royal Mail and they remove all personal data within 28 days.

  • Communications in our WhatsApp, Messenger and business email accounts are deleted as soon as they are no longer relevant.


Your rights

Enewsletter subscribers

You may withdraw your consent to receiving the newsletter and annual sale announcement at any time by (1) clicking the "unsubscribe" link at the bottom of any newsletter message, (2) visiting this Mailchimp page or (3) contacting us at


You may also change your preferences for communication by clicking the "update preferences" link at the bottom of any newsletter message. This will take you to a form where you can change the types of emails you receive from us (the enewsletter, annual sale announcements, or both) and alter your name. You can also update your preferences by emailing us at


All customers

You may request at any time that we delete your personal data. If you have an outstanding order it must be fulfilled or cancelled before we can delete your data. Please contact us at to request that we delete your data or to request to see the information we hold about you.


You have rights under data protection legislation. If you have any complaints in relation to this policy or our activities in regards to your personal data, you should contact your local data supervisory authority. In the UK this is the Information Commissioner’s Office at


Sharing your information

We do not sell, share or otherwise disclose your information with any third party other than required by law.


Tracking and cookies

Anonymous information is tracked on our website by the Google Analytics service for use in improving our site. Cookies may be placed on your browser if you log in to PayPal during the payment step for an online purchase. Amy's does not use cookies and is not responsible for any used by websites linked to from our website.

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