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Heels for custom Mr Tango Shoes

Click any image below to see full size. Heels are available in 5 different styles for women and 2 for men. See the styles page for examples of different heels on finished shoes.


For women, Narrow Copa is the most popular and is a slim flare. It is very stable but an elegant shape. If you're looking for height, Pencil offers the highest at 9cm with a straight profile. Thick is a traditional tapered shape and great for shorter heights. Wide Copa is a thick flare for maximum stability and used on the lower Mambo style and Pucca. Cuban is a great practice and leading heel and is available on Fernanda, Pucca and the Ballroom Sneaker styles. For men, the most popular is the 2.5cm Cuban. Choose the higher version if you need a bit more height.