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Mr Tango Shoes for Men

Renowned for their comfort and stability, all Mr Tango Shoes styles can be custom ordered. Each pair is beautifully made by hand by artisan shoemakers in Colombia. They are a testament to traditional shoemaking and a joy to wear!



There are many styles available, from traditional brogues to two-tone wingtips to slip-ons. Go here to see the complete current collection for men, including new styles recently added.



You may choose one or many colours in a combination - for example, one colour for front and back and another for heel back and toe tip. Some styles look great with three colours and tone-on-tone (suede and leather in same colour), such as Porteno and Godfather. You can see all the colours currently available here. You can request to borrow swatches by post (UK only) - please contact us to arrange.



All styles are available in medium width (B), narrow (A), wide (C), extra wide (D) or very wide (E).



Choose from single, double or orthopaedic. Single is comfortably cushy with good floor contact. Double gives a bit more cushioning without being too thick. Orthopaedic is triple thickness, soft underfoot and a great choice if you have issues with your toe joints or balls of feet.



You can choose from two heel styles and three heights. Go here to see what's available.



Choose from hard leather or suede. The hard leather has a slightly glossy finish and is outstanding for durability and ease of pivoting. You can see a picture of it here. The suede is a slightly fluffy, deep suede giving a soft level of floor contact. The hard leather is very easy to clean - just scrape off floor build-up with a blunt edge. Suede soles need brushing every once in a while to maintain the fluff - special brushes are available for this.



A wide range of standard sizes are available (go here for size charts) or you can specify a custom size. This can be mixed (if your left and right are different sizes) or a totally custom fit whereby you provide foot measurements. If you need a custom fit, we will supply you with detailed instructions on how to measure your feet. If your measurements don't match a standard shoe last that Mr Tango have (lasts are the foot shaped model that the shoes are built around), they will commission a new last to mimic your foot shape. It will be delivered to you along with your shoes, or they will hold it if you plan to order further pairs.


How to order

Contact us with details of what you'd like to order and we will work with you to confirm all the details. For a custom order with delivery in around 6 weeks current prices are below. Variations of style, colour, heel, width, cushioning and sole are all included in the price. If you need your order quickly, it can be delivered in about 3 weeks. This carries a rush order surcharge of £25 as Mr Tango pause all other production to work on your order.



  • Standard size £159*

  • Mixed standard sizes (ie. left size 8, right 8.5) £171*

  • Custom fit (you provide foot measurements) £190*

  • Shoe last £224 (in addition to custom fit price)

  • *New styles are an additional £14


Custom order discounts

Discounts are available for orders of 3 or more pairs - see the FAQs page for details.


What is included in the price?

The above prices include the shoes, shipping from South America and customs fees. Your choice of delivery may be added at checkout and starts at £3.95.


We regularly review our prices to ensure they reflect the current exchange rate appropriately. Prices may go up or down accordingly. They are always competitively set against what you would pay if you ordered directly from Mr Tango Shoes (including the shipping, overseas purchase transaction fee and customs fees), so you save by ordering through Amy's.


What if I don't like them?

If there are serious issues with the fit, Mr Tango Shoes offer a remake service. The shoes are remade with any adjustments and arrive in around 3 weeks. If you ordered custom fit there is no charge for the first remake but a fee towards shipping and customs, usually between £7 and £18. If you ordered a standard size the fee is £31 plus the shipping and customs. For a mixed size order the fee is £19 plus the shipping and customs. In the unlikely event that a second remake is necessary, additional charges apply.


We want your shoes to be right first time, so we make a great effort to get all the details right with you before ordering, to avoid any problems down the line. The vast majority of our custom orders are right first time, with problematic orders resolved on the first remake.


Although returns are not possible, custom orders can be exchanged for any other pair currently in stock in the Amy's collection. If there is a difference in price, a credit note valid for one year will be issued for the difference.