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The heel heights given by shoe brands can vary wildly as some measure them on the side of the heel, the front or back.


Mr Tango Shoes are true to size, but Turquoise under measure their heels and Very Fine over measure. I don't want my customers ending up higher or lower than expected so I've standardized the heel heights.


All heel measurements on this website are from the side of the heel, from the end of the heel tip to where it meets the body of the shoe in the middle of the heel cage. The picture shows where I measure (it shows a Mr Tango Shoes model with 7cm narrow copa).


The majority of Mr Tango Shoes styles for women on this site are 7cm with a narrow copa (flare) profile. Very Fine range between 4.5cm and 7.5cm in various profiles. Turquoise are 7cm, 8cm or 9cm and have a stiletto profile with a nice taper at the top.


Soles are either leather or suede.


Turquoise have soft leather soles which are a great balance between comfort and floor contact. Some models have their "soft sole", a leather-synthetic hybrid that is ultra smooth and slightly sticky on first wear, giving excellent floor feel.


The standard Turquoise soles are covered with a protective plastic film which should be peeled off before you dance in them. If you're trying them on, please leave the film on in case you need to return them. To remove the film, tease at the edge of it with a fingernail and once it starts to curl peel it back firmly all the way to the heel.


Mr Tango Shoes have either smooth leather or soft suede soles, for both womens and mens styles. Suede soles are either grey or black.


The leather soles are hard with a nice sheen. They're incredibly comfortable and enable amazing pivots and glides. They're also great for dancing on uneven floors or stone and tile. Hard leather soles can feel a little slippery when you start wearing them but they soon get roughed up. To speed up the process, you can carefully scratch them with wire wool but be gentle!


All shoes from Very Fine have a soft suede sole which is quite fluffy when new. They are brown, black, grey or white depending on the shoe colour. As you wear them the suede smoothes over to give you the perfect amount of glide.

Shoes from Mr Tango Shoes and Turquoise both have standard buckles. Most womens styles from Very Fine have quick release buckles. These allow for easy on and off, with a strap that you adjust just one time. To use them, first move the buckle to the hole on the strap that you want to use. Line up the strap so it slips in the hook and pull it through so the buckle sits over the hook. See pictures below. To remove, just reverse the action. It's easy to do and they stay in place securely when dancing.

VFbucklehowto_2 VFbucklehowto_4 VFbucklehowto_1 VFbucklehowto_3 Theelscomparison_1




When choosing heights, bear in mind that a change in height also changes the profile of the insole around the shank. This picture compares Turquoise style M02 in size 4. The shoe on the left is 8cm, the one on the right is 9cm. The added height gives the shoe on the right a steeper slope and a slightly narrower stiletto.

Sole-MTS Sole-T