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Frequently Asked Questions

I'm ordering as a gift, can you wrap it for me?

Add the Gift Wrapping item to your cart to have your items beautifully wrapped in silver and blue.


If you're sending a gift to an address other than your own, please contact us as soon as you've placed your order to give us the recipient's address and your gift message. If your order contains multiple items and you only want one wrapped or sent elsewhere, please let us know.


Can I buy a gift voucher?

We offer vouchers in a range of amounts, personalised with your message. Please go to the Gifts section to order or give us a call if you need an amount not listed.


Do you do discounts or sales?

Of course! Incentives are available if you are custom ordering 3 or more pairs at one time - please ask for details. We also offer discounts for dance teachers (tango or anything else) on in stock and custom items.


If you're ordering two pairs of in stock Turquoise and/or Mr Tango Shoes enter the code MULTI10 at checkout to get £10 off the total. Please note, promo codes may not work on some mobile browsers. If you're experiencing problems entering a code via your mobile phone, please try with a desktop or tablet browser or contact us for assistance.


Newsletter subscribers occasionally receive special offers, and advance notice of the annual sale. Fill in the sign up box at the bottom left of this page to get on the list. The annual sale is also publicised on social media.


Is it safe to buy online?

Absolutely. When you buy anything from this site, the payment process is handled by PayPal's website on a secure server. On completion you are brought back to this site. You don't need a PayPal account to purchase anything and all major credit and debit cards are accepted. You can read more about PayPal on their website. If you have a PayPal account, you can find an overview of their Buyer Protection Policy here.


I'm buying my first pair of tango shoes. Any advice?

If you're new to tango, start with a style that is comfortable and with heels you can forget about. You want to be concentrating on learning and enjoying the dance, not worrying about how your feet feel.


Amy tends to recommend Very Fine for absolute beginners as they are great dance shoes without the financial commitment of tango shoes. Mr Tango Shoes and Turquoise are perfect for improvers and above but this is not an absolute rule. We have customers who have been dancing tango for years who wear Very Fine because they just love how they feel!


Generally speaking, for women you'll want to avoid high stilettos to start with, and will need stability around the heel with a closed heel cage. Whether you choose an open or closed toe is down to comfort and your personal style. Open allow your toes to spread out but can feel a bit vulnerable. Closed give great protection but can feel a little cramped. There are some styles with fuller coverage but an open toe, which can be a great middle ground between protection and toe room - see Turquoise M23 and styles in the Closed toe/peeptoe/laceup section.


For men, Very Fine are excellent first shoes as they are lightweight and flexible. As you progress, you'll enjoy the smooth sole, style and handmade quality of Mr Tango Shoes. We also have Turquoise Leon for fans of light soles and compact style.


If you're worried about what to choose, feel free to drop Amy a line or call for a chat. There's no obligation to buy and she loves talking about shoes!


I can't decide what size to order. What do I do?

All the shoes in the shop display measurements for length and width. The easiest thing to do is compare these against the dimensions of shoes you already wear. Bear in mind that heel height affects insole length, so if you're going up or down in height the length will get shorter or longer accordingly. Hop over to the sizing page for full instructions.


You can also start with your normal street shoe size and think about how your feet feel in high, low, closed and open street shoes.

  • For closed toe order up a half size.

  • For open heeled or high (9cm) styles, go down half a size.

  • Are you wide across the toes? If a wide width is not available in the style you want, order up half a size.

  • Long toes? You may need half a size up in a narrow style.

  • Narrow across the toes? If a narrow width is not available, go down half a size.


Some styles fit a little off standard and these are noted on the product pages. For example, Very Fine 1620 is long in the toe. Turquoise M14 looks narrow but has excellent coverage for bunions.


If in any doubt please get in touch and we will make recommendations.


Will my shoes need 'breaking in'?

It will probably take a couple of outings for your shoes to wear in and start feeling really good. The leather lining needs to warm up to your feet and give a little where you need it. A great way to do this is to wear them at home for half an hour or so each day for a few days. Some patent leather and fabric uppers can feel rigid and will need a little longer to feel right, but this is totally normal. The hard leather soles of Mr Tango Shoes are very smooth when new and are best after a couple of outings. You can take the edge off the smoothness by wearing them on a hard surface at home or brushing very gently with a wire scrubbing ball. If you're wearing Turquoise, be sure to remove the slippery plastic cover from the sole before you dance in them! Suede soles are good to go from the first time you wear them.


How long will they last?

The lifespan of your shoes depends on how often you wear them, your foot shape, your dancing style, what surfaces you dance on and, most importantly, how you take care of them. The material you choose can also impact their longevity: all the materials we stock are durable but patent leather will hold its shape the longest, followed by silk and satin, embossed and plain leather, and lastly suede and velvet. Whatever you choose, treat them well and they will give you many, many hours of dancing. See the Aftercare page for tips for making them last as long as possible.


How should I care for them?

See the Aftercare page for tips.


You have the shoe I want but not in my size. Help!

Amy's uses a boutique approach to stock, carefully choosing styles that offer a wide range to customers but ensure a unique look on the dancefloor. If the shoe you want is by Turquoise it might be available to order in your size, however their designs are produced in limited runs so it can be impossible to get exactly what you want. Shoes by Mr Tango Shoes and Very Fine can usually be ordered in your size - see the Custom Orders page for details.


Can I make a custom order?

Yes! Mr Tango Shoes and Very Fine can be customized. Please see the Custom Orders page for more information.


Why can't I order custom Turquoise shoes?

Turquoise make limited runs of each design and renew their collection regularly. They do not take custom orders. Sometimes styles come back in a new colour. This approach, common with many tango shoe houses, ensures you a unique look on the dancefloor, but can mean it's impossible to get exactly what you want. Please visit the Custom Orders page for more info on ordering Turquoise.


Do the shoes come with a bag?

Turquoise and Turquoise Leon shoes come with a beautiful drawstring satin bag with separate compartments for each shoe. The bags comes in various colours. We pick a colour to suit the shoe - if you'd like a particular colour with your Turquoise shoe purchase please contact us as soon as possible after placing your order. Mr Tango Shoes come with a simple woven bag with velcro closure in black, purple or black and red. Very Fine come with a drawstring woven bag in black for all styles except Competitive Dancer and Flat Heel Editions which are white. Black Box Edition Salsero come with a black nylon bag.


Tough nylon shoe bags by Very Fine are available to purchase in the Accessories section of the shop.